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CENTURY 21 training continues to move forward and deliver the training opportunities that address the challenges of the real estate industry. Technology has become an integral source of information for consumers; the training department recognizes the need to enhance the expertise system members must have to remain competitive in the business. CENTURY 21 training programs provide the opportunity to gain the computer-based knowledge that will assist both agents and management in their effort to better serve their customer or client base. The training programs are:

21 Plus - This program is the foundation CENTURY 21 training course for new agents entering the real estate business. It incorporates three days of training and covers the basics needed to excel in real estate sales. It also includes approximately four hours of computer-based training that will cover everything from the contract to the close, as well as time management and goal setting training. In addition, participants will also have approximately two hours of intranet training on our 21 online site.

Intranet Training Program - 21Online - A navigational program that walks agents and brokers through our 21Online site to help them learn about the exciting tools and resources available to them for their real estate success.


Both of these courses deliver the necessary computer-based training system members can utilize to strengthen their competitive edge. There are several additional training programs for sales associates that cover a multitude of topics and skill-building opportunities. Agent courses include:

VIP Sales Associate Internet Course - This program assists sales associates in learning how to work successfully with referral customers and clients.

Customized Client Presentation Workshop - This course covers the Customized Marketing System for sellers and the Customized Home Search System for buyer representation. These CENTURY 21 listing tools provide a simple, professional listing proposal. The workshop will help associates develop the skills to deliver a powerful presentation in any marketplace.

At Home with Diversity - A course designed to help our sales associates and brokers upgrade their capacity to serve all Americans. This program prepares the real estate professional to reach new markets and expand homeownership opportunities.

Next Level in Action - An experienced agent, modular style training program with an additional accountability component. This program provides CENTURY 21 sales associates with the concepts, tools, skills, and applications to run their real estate careers as a business.

Solution Series Agent Training Events - Over 200 free training opportunities offered around the country that introduce new core real estate tools to enhance competitive capabilities. These workshops cover topical issues of the industry and keep CENTURY 21 sales associates informed.


Management training offered by the CENTURY 21 Academy of Training includes:

The Recruiting Academy/Accountability Program - Three months of support to help our brokers/managers successfully recruit. This is a two-day live training course followed by five one-on-one coaching calls to ensure an ongoing support system for recruiting.

Planning for Future Growth - Whether you are a one-office or multi-office company, this training will help you strategize your growth and manage more effectively. Topics include back office efficiency and building, as well as compensating and choosing the right people today to manage the company into the next generation.

VIP Relocation Management - A teleconference-training program that covers the inner workings of today's relocation management industry. This program is designed for brokers and relocation directors and shows them how to establish an effective relocation department.

Brainstorming - An opportunity to share ideas, discuss business issues, and learn from your peers. Groups are formed around the country to provide you the opportunity to take part in these broker-led brainstorming sessions.

Certified Facilitator - This two-day program provides the opportunity to become a 21Plus facilitator in your own marketplace. All candidates should have attended 21Plus prior to participating in this program. Certification is contingent upon successfully completing all requirements including an individual presentation of 21Plus course material.

Re-Certification - This one-day course is an annual requirement for all Certified Facilitators and covers updates and roundtable discussions to enhance their training expertise.

Solution Series Broker Training Events - Over 200 free training workshops offered around the country on topics pertinent to the real estate profession. These sessions include senior management presentations and the opportunity to interact with your CENTURY 21 colleagues.

The Academy of Training is committed to addressing the educational needs of the CENTURY 21 ® SYSTEM by delivering state-of-the-art training programs that will help our brokers and agents to exceed the expectations of today's real estate consumer.

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